Sunday, December 6, 2009

Give Thanks

Over Thanksgiving we went on an old fashioned train ride around Mt. Rainer. The train ride included a visit to Santas workshop.

Ethan recently saw the Polar Express and was worried about losing his ticket. It was really funny. What a relief to have the conductor come to collect them.

Monica and I did the centerpiece this year. Our goal was to make it as gooby as possible. I think it was a success!

Halloween 2009


A very proud moment in my life, I actually made the shot and won a big stuffed animal! Nothin but net!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Girls Camp

These are my two youth leaders who helped me out all week.
Bishops float! We built each bishop a boat out of milk cartons and they had a race across the lake. We won!
Canoeing! We got in such a bad water fight that we ended up flipping over! so since we were already in the water, Cortnee and I swam over to president bishops canoe and dunked him in! He said it was the second time in all of girls camp history. ha ha.
Canoeing with two of my little girls.
Off to the slip and slide.
Nobody would believe that I was a tepee mom! But here are my girls!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baby Gavin

Gavin is such a cute baby. He doesn't need a lot of entertainment because he cracks himself up! I caught him clicking his tongue in the car. If you watch you will see him make himself laugh.
This makes me laugh because Gavin will put up with me trying to entertaining him for only so long! Just a few courtesy laughs and then he is over it! lol

Happy 4th of July!!!

Lake22 Hike